January Soldier Group

Ryan R. Erdman

*US Air Force*               Location: Kuwait

Attn: Any Airman          Representing: 3 Males 1 Female


APO AE 09855

Ryan R. Erdman writes:  First of all, thank you for what you do for the troops! I am in a small troop that would love some snacks, food (microwave available), toiletries, gum, shoe deodorizer balls, etc.   We live in hard sided buildings with a freezer and refrigerator. We currently have people from South Carolina, Maine, and Tennessee. Again, thank you for what you guys do… we love the support!!!

We are requesting:

• Individual snacks

• Microwavable food items

• Deodorant

• Toothpaste

• Body wash

• Gum

• Shoe deodorizer balls


Pack & Pray: Sunday, January 28, 2018

December Report:  4 boxes were sent to our Army Medical Group

Postage funds are always appreciated. 

***Please pray for our soldiers and their families.***

Remembering Those Who Serve

Please include the following in your prayers:

David Crosby

Duncan Kirchmann

Christopher Oshlo

Maryanne Oshlo

Jason Wright

All military personnel serving in areas of conflict

All law enforcement personnel and elected officials