November Soldier Group

LT. Amy B. Lambert

*US Navy*                   Location: Kuwait

Attn: Any Sailor         Representing: 10 Males 4 Females


APO AE 09306

LT. Lambert writes: Thank you for thinking of us. We are Navy Individual Augmentees who have been sent to Kuwait to work on an Army base. There are 10 male sailors and 4 female sailors working here. We are living in Army barracks. We have 220 electricity. Our work hours restrict us from traveling to an exchange to purchase items that we need. Things that we could really use are listed below:

• Hygiene Items

• Laundry Pods

• Coffee

• Individual Snack items

• Individual Powdered Drink Mixes

• Cough Drops

 Pack & Pray: Sunday, November 19th @ 9:20 am. (because of Annual meeting on Nov. 12th)

Postage funds are always appreciated. 

***Please pray for our soldiers and their families.***

October Report: 5 boxes were sent to our Military Police group

Remembering Those Who Serve

Please include the following in your prayers:

David Crosby

Duncan Kirchmann

Christopher Oshlo

Maryanne Oshlo

Jason Wright

All military personnel serving in areas of conflict

All law enforcement personnel and elected officials