First Communion

The First Communion Family Retreat is designed to help our families at St. Mark’s discern if their child is ready and desires to take their First Communion. St. Mark’s has no age requirement for First Communion. The decision is ultimately up to the parents and the child to decide when their child is ready. If your child has been asking questions about Holy Communion, consider attending this Retreat. Attending the retreat does NOT automatically commit your child into taking their First Communion. In the past, some parents after attending the retreat, have chosen to wait longer.

A date has not been set yet but the Retreat will be scheduled before Holy Week. We are now seeking WHO would be interested at this time, and what ages of the students. It’s normally held on a Sunday afternoon from Noon – 2 P.M.

Please notify Church Secretary Jan Reis at 402-359-2315 before Feb. 18, 2018  if your child would be interested in this Retreat. We ask that at least one parent attends with their child but the entire family is invited to come. We would like to coincide the first opportunity for taking their First Communion with Maundy Thursday, March 29, 2018. But the family makes the decision WHEN their child’s First Communion will take place, so if they wish to take their First Communion at a Sunday worship service, it can be scheduled. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Josoff at 402-625-2704  or

The Retreat is a 2 hour “mini-retreat” filled with fun activities, learning about the Passover, making their own unleavened bread, a short video, making a banner to commemorate the date, and a lesson on “manners at communion”. A light lunch will be served to all attending as well.