Confirmation is offered on Wednesday evening as part of our R.E.N.E.W. programming. Our confirmands participate in servant events as part of the program. Each student also develops a Faith Project to help an organization or individual.

Sharon Josoff heads up the instruction of our confirmands.

If you have a child(ren) who will be starting 7th Grade or above this year, and desires to be in our Confirmation 2-year Program, please call the Church Secretary, Jan Reis at 402-359-2315 to register them. Any youth is warmly welcomed to attend and must be willing to commit to regular attendance & study.

We will be using the Re-Form Curriculum by Augsburg Publishing as in the past. The Confirmation students will be engaged in at least two servant events as well.


Bare Necessities

Last year's confirmation class volunteered time and labor at C.O.P.E. (Christian Outreach Program of Elkhorn) and discovered quickly what would be their bare necessities! Each youth was shocked to hear a family could only receive one roll of toilet paper in their supply box... and it was to last for 3 weeks! Not one for each person in the family… only one roll for the entire family for 3 weeks!

This brought much discussion the following week when we reviewed our experience at C.O.P.E.!! The class felt toilet paper was truly a bare necessity for everyone!

There are multiple sources of edible food donations coming into C.O.P.E. but not a lot of paper products are donated. So this year’s class wants to focus on donations of “bare necessity” paper goods!

Once again, the Confirmation class is asking for the congregation’s help in collecting Paper Products (toilet paper or Kleenex) during the month of October. If you purchase single rolls, they need to be individually wrapped, please. Collection site is in the Fellowship Hall.

The class will be delivering and working at C.O.P.E. on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 in lieu of a classroom lesson.

Thank you in advance for any donations or assistance in helping our class.

Could YOU go without this bare necessity?