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Stewarding our Stuff!

Yes, everything we have is a gift from God! We are grateful for all God has given. Sometimes, we adm it, we have kept things too long, bought too much, or simply need to lighten our walk through life by throwing things away, giving to family or friends, or sharing with those in need.

The stewardship committee has chosen this theme for the next couple of months, for us to concentrate on. In that regard, we have a few activities we hope will be encouraging for us at St. Mark’s to de-clutter the stuff in our lives.

  • We will be letting the congregation know where to safely and responsibly dispose of things locally, like:

Paint and chemicals

Electronic devices

(such as phones, computers, printers and the like)






Furniture and appliances

  • We intend to hire a dumpster to be in the parking lot for a short time, so that people may be encouraged to throw things away that cannot be re-used or recycled. Date to be determined…
  • We will have a large industrial shredder brought to the lot so that people may safely dispose of old papers and records that need no longer be kept. Also, date to be determined…

The committee welcomes any other ideas you may have in this regard, to helping us steward our stuff! Please, do not bring items to the church unless specifically requested, as we are short on room and cannot store items. *If you have it in mind to donate anything to church, please do not do so unless the donation has been approved by the church council.

Stewardship committee will be sponsoring a church clean up and organization day in the Spring! Folks will be invited to help us clean up after the construction project, spruce up the outdoors and help us to throw out and organize!

What might you need to think out letting go of or getting rid of in the next couple of months???

Community Bible Study is scheduled and YOU are invited!

I never thought that I would live to see this, but…the times, they are a changin’! I received a recent email from Molly at St. John’s Catholic church inviting St. Mark’s members to be part of a Community Bible Study, hosted by St. John’s at 307 E. Meigs St., Valley. Here is the important information from the invite I received. I went to the website video listed at the end of this and it looks pretty cool! It is free, it is for people no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. The bible study is for 11 weeks, and incorporates a supper meal, videos and small table discussion. The name of the bible study is ALPHA. Below is the pertinent info:

Bible Study Name: ALPHA

What: Weekly dinner provided, ALPHA film series movie and small table discussion

When: Thursday nights March 1-May 17 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Where: St. John Church, 307 E. Meigs Street, Valley

Why: Everyone welcome! No matter where you are at in your spiritual journey, or even just beginning, come join us March 1st and see what it’s all about!!!

RSVP: Molly Zach 402-359-5783 or

               1-Name of guest(s)

               2-Contact email address

               3-Any names of requested friends/spouse to sit at your table

To view the ALPHA trailer go to:

Yes, we all belong to different denominations, here in Valley. Yes, we do not all agree on every single element of doctrine. But, I believe this study will focus on God and Christ, and all that we do agree on — along with the spiritual questions that we all wrestle with from time to time. I hope, and pray(!), that you will join Bob and me as we come together with others in our community to celebrate and learn more about our faith and our neighbors. I see this as a wonderful opportunity that we have uniquely in Valley, where we also share VBS with United Faith and St. John’s. Many may doubt that Lutherans and Catholics and Baptist/Methodist/Presbyterians can all have a bible study together, but I seriously believe that this is something Jesus had in mind when he prayed in John 17:11 ‘that they would be one’. I think it will be educational, interesting and exciting!

Who will take the first step with us, in response to St. John’s invitation?? There is, of course, a sign-up sheet! We need to let them know how many will be coming!