C.O.P.E. (Christian Outreach Program of Elkhorn)

St. Mark's Board Representative: Bev Griffin 

COPE's Mission:  To provide and connect resources in western Douglas County for those whose needs are temporarily greater than their means.  COPE is helping approx. 40 families per week with grocery items. Thank you for your support of this outreach program.  It is so appreciated by those in need. For more information on C.O.P.E. visit copeinfo.org

Funding opportunity at FAMILY FARE.

The current COPE partners, St. Mark's is one of eleven churches, are collecting receipts from Family Fare or No Frills.  How can one participate?  Just deposit receipts from these stores in the container located in the entryway at church, your COPE rep delivers to COPE office semi-monthly.  When collected receipts total $150,000 (cumulative of all partnering churches) Family Fare will provide COPE $1,000.

Direct Your Dollar Latest Information - Direct Your Dollars cumulative total to date (September): $12,267. Thank you. Keep up the good work.


The COPE Pantry is currently running low on the following items:

Pancake Mix & Pancake Syrup

Paper Towels


Toilet Paper

Ranch Dressing


Jelly or Jam

Laundry Detergent

Instant Box Potatoes


Spaghetti O’s

COPE is helping approx. 40 families per week with grocery items. Thank you for your support of this outreach program!  It is so appreciated by those in need.

COPE Corner

A Look Back at 2017… St. Mark's giving makes things happen at COPE

Activities that took place during 2017, but not limited to, were:

  • Cooking Matter Classes -- three classes during the year taking place in Elkhorn and Valley.
  • COPE Golf Fundraiser -- St. Mark's golfers participated. The event netted over $8,500.
  • Omaha Gives 2017 -- COPE was the recipient of $3,037.47.
  • Bennington Days Parade -- another way to educate folks about COPE's mission.
  • Eagles Breakfast -- netted COPE $1,314.34.
  • Backpack Drive -- 130 backpacks provided to Bennington, DC West, Yutan and Mead students.
  • Angel Donor Drive -- Single annual fund drive thru direct mail.
  • Free Oil Change -- Christian Brothers Automotive serviced 30 vehicles along with some minor repairs.
  • COPE Pantry -- St. Mark's assists when filling grocery cart located in the Fellowship Hall. 2017 procedure change… food pantries to clients changed to every 60 days in lieu of every 90 days.
  • Immanuel Vision Grant -- COPE surpassed the $15,000 Grant Match goal, which provides COPE an additional $15,000 from Immanuel Vision. Our St. Mark's family contributed $500 to the Grant Match.
  • Family Fare Direct Your Dollars totaled $16,302 during 2017. Please continue to deposit receipts in the container located at the Welcome Center.
  • Confirmation class -- collected pantry items to donate and helped pack pantries at Peace Church.
  • Annual COPE Family Christmas Party 2017 -- 460+ clients received gifts, experienced a wonderful party where they played games, created crafts, visited Santa, watched puppets and enjoyed fellowship. Thanks St. Mark's for providing 27 folks with gifts.    

   God's blessings showered down upon each of us enabling us to share his love with others. Thank you for embracing COPE; keep on following Jesus' example, love one another.

   The past two years as your Board member was an awesome experience. Thank you for allowing me to serve our Lord, Church and COPE.

Bev Griffin

COPE Information for 2016

Number of Households and Location Served        

212  Valley

104  Elkhorn

59  Bennington

45  Waterloo

25  West Omaha, Yutan, Mead

445  Total

Services Provided

Food Pantries

Client receives 5 pre-sacked groceries & meat every 60 days.   572 Households

Clothing/Household Goods    1,428 Clients

Rent & Utility Assistance    $19,530 (106 Clients)

Bread/Grocery/Fruit Items from Hy-Vee/Family Fare/Saving Grace.

Donations delivered directly to COPE campus and perishable goods distributed immediately.

2,560 Clients